Industry 4.0

We help SMEs bridge the gap between human and technology

Enabling growth by digital transformation, elimination of unnecessary expenses and decrease of human errors

What is the impact of digitalisation on business?


Improved operational productivity to 55%1


Decreased machine downtime by 30-50%2


Increased forecasting accuracy to 85%+3

How do we create impact?

We solve complex digital problems by a design-driven approach, aligning with your strategic goals and ROI expectations.
We identify and scrutinise challenges by applying agile and advanced design processes to implement solutions flexibly without disturbing the service.
We design and develop innovative solutions and applications which will seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.
Tailor-made solutions will enable sustainable growth, taking your enterprise beyond revenue generation and employee satisfaction.



Mobi Lab created an application that allows going paperless, instant information exchange with clients and reduces back-office hours.
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RFID-based product tracking system allows to see the location of the products in real-time and to have increased efficiency on shipments.
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Mobi Lab helped to create digitalisation software for project-based metal manufacturing.
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Mobi Lab helped the trailblazer of parcel delivery service to offer the most effortless and satisfying user experience in the market.
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Track & Locate

Track & Locate is an effective way to keep track of the products in manufacturing warehouses with a cloud-based SaaS model and RFID tags. This is a cost-effective, industrially tested solution for the pre-robot era in large warehouses.
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Enterprise applications for SMEs

Tailor-made applications for the in-house workforce for in-house use by combining our cloud services and low-code components.
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IoT devices

We design and build mobile applications for connected devices. A good software accompanying the great hardware makes the perceived value higher for the customers.
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CTO as a service

It’s always best to have a technical co-founder in a technology start-up, but sometimes you won't have that, or your focus is needed on other business development aspects. CTO as a service can help your start-up, spin-off or new product get the proper technical foundation.
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