Track & locate inventory

Keep track of the products in manufacturing warehouses

No manual inventory checks

—   Effective way to locate products automatically.
—   24/7 Inventory checks.

Track & Locate is an effective way to keep track of the products in manufacturing warehouses with a cloud-based SaaS model and RFID tags. Our aim is to increase the effectiveness of the mobile workforce, such as forklift drivers, logistics managers, shipment supervisors. This is a cost-effective, industrially tested solution for the pre-robot era in large warehouses.

We aim less than 4 years ROI

—   Lower energy cost in transport
—   Less time to find and deliver products
—   Lower labor cost on inventory checks
—   Minimise training and on-boarding costs
—   Less human mistakes and wrong shipments

Effective business process for the mobile workforce


Receive the product


Tag the product


Deliver to any location in warehouse


Reallocate the product as many times you need


Find the product immediately


Ship the product

Tailor-made for the factory

—   Indoor vs outdoor
—   Mobile tools for the warehouse workers
—   Based on industry-grade RFID technology
—   Integrated to ERP system

Why us?

We come from the design world, without the legacy of old technologies and the ways we used to do it. Our only goal is to make people in the warehouse able to focus on the work – work they do the best. We use our 20 years of experience doing the best UX and combine that with already proven technology in the industries.

How to get started?


Lets talk and discuss the ROI


We’ll analyse the business process and warehouse setup


We help to set up the system


And finally we monitor & maintain the system

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