Bring next generations as close as possible to the real world

by placing educational 3D content in the physical learning environment beyond classroom and museum walls

What is the impact of digitalisation on education?


Increased access to education


Growth of student satisfaction


Improved quality of education

How do we create impact?

We combine the experience of working with universities and scientists to help EdTech companies improve their products by integrating augmented reality solutions.
We enable museums to show engaging historical 3D content inside and outside museum walls to help families discover their cultural heritage.
Our augmented reality platform enables us to develop educational digital solutions at low operational costs and shortest time to market.
We help educational publishers bring textbooks and learning materials to life, making physically impossible things possible.


Suukool tooth brushing app for kids

Playful mobile app for developed with Estonian Dental Association, guiding kids on the journey to sustainable tooth brushing habit.
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AR card game for kindergartens and primary schools

Developed in collaboration with Tallinn University to create an engaging learning experience for kids.
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AR application for Estonian Museum of Natural History

See nature in a way you have never seen before - from ancient creatures who lived a hundred million years ago to a close-up view of how a mole moves around in a tunnel.
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