IOT devices

Software that adds value to the hardware


We design and build mobile applications and web interfaces for connected devices. A good software accompanying the great hardware makes the perceived value higher for the customers. That means that our clients can sell more devices and earn new revenue.






User Research, Product Design, iOS development, Android development

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Sectors we work with

  • Home automation
  • Smart mobility – electric vehicles
  • Sales and rental automation
  • Energy saving

Why design matters?

Industrial design is no longer isolated to physical boundaries. Users expect the devices are connected, available on mobile, and simple to use. Reading the manuals is so last century, and usability is the key. If something isn't working out of the box, we are frustrated and call to customer service.

There are simple rules we follow:
First – software design has to be sleek and clean as hardware;
on-boarding is most crucial and has to work smoothly;
the experience between hardware and software need to be concurrent
and last – user experience design and quality makes you win.

What else is essential?

Ask help to pick the platform that suits your needs. The web is good for low maintenance costs. Native iPhone and Android applications give the best usability. Flutter cross-platform is a good compromise for faster go-to-market.

Integration with other ecosystems is important: IFTTT, Google Home, Apple Home, Alexa etc.

Backend service is an extra investment but enables new business models. Instead of selling the hardware and creating a financial barrier, it is possible to build rental and hardware-as-a-service models. This also makes the revenues more predictable.

Photo by Andres Urena Unsplash

What can Mobi Lab do for you?

Our product managers can
• Help you to choose technology fitting the best
• Conduct the risk assessment for the future project
• Design most awesome user experience and visual design
• Build software for the hardware prototypes on RasperryPI
• Build backend for the connectivity and service
• Monitor and visualise the behavior
• Build accompanying mobile applications for connected devices


AirPatrol - home automation
CoModule - smart mobility
Kingdom Technologies - outdoor maintenance
Respo - automated sales

Photo by Louis Reed Unplashed
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