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New generation of lawn mowing


Kingdom builds autonomous robotic lawn mowers for large terrains targeted at business clients, such as golf clubs, city councils, and universities.






User Research, Product Design, iOS development, Android development

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Our role

  • UX/UI Design
  • Backend development
  • Web Development


Kingdom Technologies is a startup dedicated to top-notch robot lawn mowers and is located in Glasgow, Scotland. Robot lawn mowers have been in the market for several years from well-known companies like Bosch, Husqwarna, and Honda. However current robots have several shortcomings in efficiency, safety, installation, and mowing quality!

So, Kingdom decided to fix the problems with a robot, by improving with the following:

  • virtual boundary setup eliminates the need for a boundary cable
  • three parallel sensors ensure the highest level of safety
  • human-like navigation enables the robot to cover one hectare of land per day
  • the three blade cutting system to cut the grass from the edges of the lawn and the obstacles

Users with a product can safely and effectively set up the robot in just a few minutes, without the need for traditional boundary cables in the ground. The installation of the product is done by drawing virtual boundary lines on satellite photos of their property.

The platform accommodates for numerous different zones, working times, mowing frequency, and cutting height.
We made sure that Kingdom’s users are rewarded with smart and friendly portal that caters to their needs.

Enter the platform, identify yourself, insert your address and off you go! The outer perimeter for the working area is needed, followed by appropriate settings and the option to define the danger zone and other special zones (where working time may be different - so users can enjoy their Saturday golf game without risking hitting Wall-E here!).

Web developement

The revamped website and web platform were made by Mobi Lab in collaboration with the team at Kingdom.

The website is focused on delivering an aesthetic and professional introduction to new users, whilst providing a good home environment for returning clients. Furthermore, the website details the value propositions, company profile and has useful sections such as the FAQ and career page.

The web platform itself focuses on registering and using the robotic robotic lawn mower - this includes numerous use cases, particularly:

  • customer identification and authentication
  • aerial mapping and drawing tools
  • specific customisations for the work to be done - by area and according to the needs
  • current positioning of the robot and charger unit.

Backend Development

Functionality and development were tailor made for the product used, with engineering deciding to use MQTT API protocol, specifically ZeroMQ. This allows different robots to concurrently communicate to the server. The focus was on scalability and security, ensuring that the robots not only receive information but also communicate back that the information was received correctly - an important necessity for IoT devices that rover around in the fields!

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