Groovy tooth brushing buddy, to keep the Mouth Monsters at bay.


Suukool mobile app is a playful  tool for kids, guiding them on the journey to sustainable tooth brushing habit. Start the adventure with the support of your family and meet the Mouth Monsters, who will share tips & tricks about long-lasting oral health.






User Research, Product Design, iOS development, Android development

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Our role

  • Business Analysis
  • UX/UI Design
  • Flutter Development
  • Animation


  • Estonian Dental Association

Monsters designed by Hmmm Creative Studio


According to the scientific literature (a study by Phillippa Lally) it takes little over 2 months on average before a new behavior becomes automatic.

We designed the app to engage the user for minimum of 65 days. 129 toothbrushing later the user has defeated all the 32 Tooth Monsters. Of course it is allowed to skip some brushings and still reach the automatic habit.

The design process

We conducted interviews with our target group kids and their parents to understand their needs, pain points & motivations.

Over the course of six months, we produced two different game concepts, field tested them, fine tuned it with the help of a kids behaviour psychologist, selected the best concept and developed the app for Android and iOS.

Let us introduce the application ↓

Defeat Mouth Monsters

The gameplay has 32 levels - one Mouth Monster per level. Every creature has a different personality, voice and tip to teach. Kids mission is to collect in-game toothbrushes and wash the Tooth monsters away.

In-game credit

You can earn in-game brushes only by brushing your actual teeth. Here comes handy the catchy Stig Rästa Toothbrushing song.

Involve everybody

Don’t forget to bring your Goonies to the adventure. Wether you want to be a pirate or a princess, we encourage all the family members to create a personalised user.

Your very own sidekick

The Wisdom Tooth is your sidekick on this journey. He encourages you and your companions and shares good mouth hygiene wisdom.

Cherry on top!

Every adventure ends with a treasure. Your treasure is a brushing habit for life. But if that is not enough, then your dentist will have a gift (Suukool toothpaste) to recognize your achievement.

Saving project costs with Flutter

For application development, we used a cross-platform tool called Flutter. Flutter successfully compiles native code for both - the Android and iOS platforms allowing us to release Android and iOS apps with the same codebase.

Unlike other cross-platform technologies, Flutter doesn’t call for native Android or iOS UI components. It uses its own graphics engine, and this is a huge advantage. With Flutter, you don’t need to fix any bugs because of device incompatibility. For example, you won’t run into cases when an animation is great on Android but lags on iOS. Flutter has good built-in tools for showcasing animations, which was a great advantage for us as we wanted to include multiple animations on different screens. It also has a decent integration for Rive animations which we used to display more complex animations.

By using Flutter as a tool for creating the apps, we managed to save 30% on project costs.


Kids onboarded


Monsters defeated

Toothbrushing used to be a daily struggle to get the kid to the bathroom. But now, our boy wakes us up with the phone in his hand, asking for assistance to brush his teeth.

Birgit, 4 year old Samuel’s mom

The Golden Egg Award

In 2023, Suukool toothbrushing app received a special Kinder Egg Award in the UX/UI design category. The Golden Egg awards is the oldest and most prestigious advertising competition in Estonia.

Reach out if you are interested in understanding in detail about developing with Flutter or Rive animating process to deliver such a playful app that got so popular among its users.

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