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Do the physically impossible

Add value to physical locations by displaying digital content in augmented reality

How it works

Build your AR experiences right on the spot

Use our mobile app to place and adjust content like 3D models, images, videos and audio in augmented reality

Manage your AR content in any other app

Use our back-office with mobile SDK to centrally manage your AR content in any 3rd party app

Share your AR experiences with everyone anytime

Use our spatial anchors to persist your AR experiences indoors or outdoors and share from there with everyone anytime

How to use Reality Maker

Cultural heritage

Help families discover their cultural heritage by displaying engaging historical 3D content inside museums or outside on the streets.

Employee onboarding

Assist employees in performing better with their tasks by providing quickly accessible 3D guidance in the physical work environment.

Product demo

Help clients better understand your offered big-scale product fit by placing its digital 3D copy into a desired physical location.

Case studies

Visit Estonia Dubai EXPO 2020 campaign

Visit Estonia Dubai EXPO 2020 campaign

AR learning cards for schools

AR learning cards for schools

Estonian Nature Museum exhibition

Estonian Nature Museum exhibition

RMK bear family campaign

RMK bear family campaign

TalTech admission campaign

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