Struggling with selling large products? Here’s how augmented reality can help you!

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that combines virtual content like virtual photos, 3D animations or audio background and voiceover with real-world environments. AR has been driving innovation in many fields, from entertainment to healthcare and growingly in sales and marketing.

Augmented reality can help you showcase your complex and large products in any desired location. Imagine this - you can have your products accessible anywhere and anytime through your mobile device.

One good example of using augmented reality in B2B sales is Coca-Cola’s case. They struggled to picture and imagine how the drink coolers would look and fit in the retail store. Finally, they persuaded potential B2B clients to place the coolers in the retail outlets with augmented reality. They could present different coolers and decide which one would look best.

According to Mckinsey’s survey, in 2021, approximately two-thirds of B2B buyers opted for remote human interaction or digital self-service. Therefore, instead of coming to your showroom, you might be facing a new reality where buyers want to make the purchase decision without leaving their office.

Augmented reality can help you service your customers and enable your customers to use your mobile app with AR technology and let them interact with your large physical products in their desired location and time. A competitive advantage like this will become new normality. Today, early adopters can take action and grow their businesses by offering valuable AR solutions to their clients.

How to use augmented reality in selling large products?

Mobi Lab has launched the Reality Maker product, which will help businesses improve their large product sales. There are three options for how to use Reality Maker.

1. Fast & Easy

Contact us, we will set up your account in a few days and you will receive login information to the Reality Maker app, where you can upload and manage your augmented reality content. You can upload your 3D product pictures and that’s it - you are ready to bring your products to any part of the world within your pocket!

2. The tailor-made experience

If you wish to have a tailor-made experience for your customers, we will be able to provide you with a custom made mobile application that salespeople and customers can use. Think about it as a real-life catalogue for making a purchase decision. Clients will long forget the competitors with paper or virtual catalogues once you present your products via a mobile app.

3. Improving already existing mobile experience 

In case you have a custom-made sales tool or application which you already use, for example, in your manufacturing process or other sales or workforce-related tasks, we can integrate the Reality Maker CMS, which will enable you to display your products in augmented reality.

Reality Maker can be an easy-to-use tool for the salesperson. The average time to market for Reality Maker integration is less than two months. Take advantage of augmented reality and bring your large-scale items to the meetings, trade fairs, or other desired locations. Showcasing your large products in physical locations will help your customers verify product fit before buying. 

How does it work in real life?

Let’s give here an example of how to use Reality Maker. Let’s imagine you are manufacturing and selling tractors. You, as a salesperson, will often go to a meeting on a site of reseller of your tractors and trade fairs, where you are looking for new distributors in new markets. Typically, let’s assume you will have a catalogue with your tractors to present the different models of tractors.

What if you could showcase to your clients what these particular tractors look like in the real world without transporting them physically with you? With augmented reality, this impossible scenario will become possible. As a result, you will have a competitive advantage and your clients will be able to see the whole variety of the available products in any desired place through a mobile device.

We are just beginning to change the world of B2B sales and marketing with the help of digital products and augmented reality. Integrating augmented reality solutions with your sales and marketing activities is a journey worth taking and enabling your company to become a trailblazer in your industry.

In summary, here are five examples how AR can help your business with sales


Bring your large scale products to sales meetings in your pocket


Bring your large scale products to trade fairs anywhere in the world


Help customers verify big-scale product fit before buying


Help customers see your products without visiting your showroom


Equip your sales team with the new age sales increasing technology

Get in touch and let’s talk about how augmented reality can help your business increase sales. We would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading

Allan Valm
Head of AR Business Development

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