Enterprise applications for SMEs

Replace Excel with low-cost custom mobile apps

Your business is unique

Every company is a structure of unique processes. Despite the will and the investments to digitise them, many still rely on spreadsheets, papers, pictures and emails.

Our promise

We can build tailor-made enterprise applications for in-house use by combining our cloud services and low-code components:




smaller budget

The value

Agile digitalisation


build and change faster without spending money on the base infrastructure and functionality to get started.

Reliability of mobile and cloud technologies


tested technologies hosted in widely known cloud-based services keeps the business running 24/7.

Data is free from service provider


your data is yours, kept in traditional SQL databases that can be accessed and transported anytime, anywhere.

Integrated with external solutions


we aim the solution to be independent, but it can be combined with existing data storages - ERP, accounting, CRM, etc.

Access technology everywhere

In the field
  • Survey the street infrastructure
  • Navigate to sites and get the work assignments
  • Control your fleet and drivers
On the floor
  • Track products in warehouses
  • Navigate to a work assignment
  • Manage your inventory
In the office
  • Overview of the business processes
  • Manage marketing tasks and calendar
  • Give visibility to your clients

Möku — Bar chain

Mobi Lab has integrated our bookkeeping and POS systems into one back-office system. We now do inventory checks 5x faster as we can use a mobile app in the warehouse. We get the daily financial report to our email, giving us reliable information to make decisions instantly. We calculate staff salaries and their commissions 10x faster thanks to all the integrations.

Budget to get started

up to 5 kEUR

Time to get started

1 week

Respo — Factory of car trailers

With Mobi Lab, we've built an RFID-based product tracking system. It works independently from ERP but can be integrated for relevant data. We now know where are our products in the yard-based warehouse. We can find them faster and ship them out without mistakes.

Budget to get started

up to 30 kEUR

Time to get started

1.5 months

Respo trailer tracking app screenshot
Rentokil pest monitoring app screenshots

Rentokil — Pest control service

We have several field workers going to client premises for pest control. They can now use mobile applications instead of paper, which means that nobody in the back-office needs to digitise the information. Clients can see the results of our services instantly on interactive digital reports. We are more effective, and our clients get better service.

Budget to get started

up to 10 kEUR

Time to get started

3 weeks

How we do it?

We use Citizen Development Platforms, like low-code services, BI tools and combine with our unique skillset of UX design, business management and software engineering.

What's next?

Call us, and let's replace those Excel tables with something better!

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