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Brand attributes

Our brand attributes establish the foundation of the Mobi Lab. It is a manifestation of our values, culture and promises to customers. It's our mission to remain faithful to those traits.

Brand attributes - cover

Brand attributes - cover

Brand attributes - cover

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Culture — How does the community describe us?


Our community describes us as problem solvers. Our approach to the task is proactive, creative and open-minded.

Customer — How do we describe our ideal customer?


Our customers are trailblazers like us. They believe technologies enable innovation, and they are not afraid to experiment.

Voice — How do we sound to others?


We are passionate experts who believe in progression. We feel it is our duty to educate and give back to the community.

Feeling — How do others feel after interacting with us?


We know how to create digital mobile products. We have decades of experience on our backs. They know that we are the best.

Impact — What tangible impact do we have on others?

Simplify the technology

Our mission is to make it easy for people to use innovative and complex technologies. Or, as we put it – make robots talk to humans.

X-Factor — How are we different from others?


We love you; we want you to feel better; we regularly dine together and go to the sauna — as one big, diverse family would.
Mobi Lab's mission is to make technology easy to use for people on the go. Or, as we put it – to make robots talk to humans. We are doing it by designing and building complex and innovative digital products that are easy to use.

History lesson

We don't expect you to know our past by heart, but you'll make us exhilarated if you study our story.
The beginning
Mobi Lab is a part of the Mobi Solutions Group (est. 2001), founded by five friends (Linnar Viik, Rain Rannu, Lauri Kinkar, Veiko Raime, Veljo Otsason). Mobi Lab was previously the development department in Mobi Solutions. Mobi Lab's spin-off took place in 2013, led by Veiko, to keep a stronger focus and offer cutting-edge business analysis, UI/UX design, mobile software development and testing services to our clients and partners. In 2017, another spin-off occurred when Codemagic (CI/CD product developed by our team members) exited Mobi Lab's roof and began its successful startup journey.
Posing for Ericsson Estonia magazine, Winter 2002
Mobi office vision in ten years — bold predictions from 2011 summer days
Mobi's first office at Tartu Rüütli street and the first employee, Margus (in the middle)
Mobi Winter days 2020
Mobi Solutions has been developing mobile software and applications since 2004, long before smartphones and apps as we know them today were widely available. Our team's engineers have successfully launched new projects and spin-offs that have grown into successful global companies. The most successful of them are Fortumo (acquired by Boku), which offers mobile payment collection solutions worldwide, and Messente — a worldwide SMS messaging and 2FA service provider. In addition, Mobi Solutions is an active seed and early-stage investor investing in new promising technology startups and helping them get the needed boost towards success.

Mobi was the first software company in Estonia to begin developing mobile applications for Android in 2009. Indilo Wireless, which joined Mobi in 2011, was the first in Estonia to start developing for iOS in 2008. Mobi Lab is now the biggest mobile-only design and software company in Estonia.
Where we are today
We focus on digital product development for mobile and Unity-based applications for augmented reality environments. We help companies achieve higher ROI by covering the whole mobile application development process, from strategy consultation and research to product support. We apply the agile LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) framework principles in our development processes.

Mobi Lab's team includes 40 passionate and open-minded iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native and Unity engineers, designers, quality experts and product managers who sometimes like to rave in the forest. Many have been with Mobi Lab from day one or even back from the Mobi Solutions days. A great example of not wanting to leave us is our COO, Romain from France, who joined Mobi Solutions in 2009 as a software engineering intern and now has his second home and family here at Mobi Lab.
Growth generation team dinner, 2021
Olev and Kristjan conducting a code review, 2018

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