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Wowzi is a creator marketing platform that connects businesses with creators, unleashing the power of social media marketing. The digital product enables you to launch a scalable creator marketing program just in a matter of minutes.






User Research, Product Design, iOS development, Android development

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Our role

  • UX/UI design
  • Back-end development
  • React Native web development
  • React Native mobile app development
  • CTO as a service


Let's dive into the backstory of Wowzi.

Brian, one of the founders of Wowzi, was searching for a technology partner who could bring their ideas to life from the whole world — he was looking for potential partners from Germany, France and even China. Eventually, they stumbled into us, paid us a visit to Estonia and the rest is history. We became their go-to business partners. Our cultural fit was spot on and we knew that the social media-driven audience in Africa was ripe for the picking.

Together we created a unified platform comprising an advertisers' web app, a creators' mobile app, and a back-office — the latter helping to connect both sides and manage the kitchen side of the ad campaigns.

A name born from passion, unity and the quest for innovation.

The birth of Wowzi is an inspiring story highlighting the importance of creativity, collaboration, and perseverance in business. As co-founders Brian and Mike travelled to Estonia in search of the best talent to bring their idea to life, they faced the challenge of finding a name that would embody their vision.

Their idea was simple yet groundbreaking: everyone has influence, regardless of their social media following. However, finding a name that captured this concept was a daunting task.

During a reflective evening with our engineering team, Romain posed a question that would spark the birth of their company's name. He asked, "How do you say cheers in Kenya?"

Without hesitation, Brian blurted out the word, "WAZII!" The team raised their glasses and repeated the name in unison, marking the birth of Wowzi. This moment was more than just the creation of a name. It symbolised unity and a commitment to a long and challenging journey ahead.

Advertiser application

Businesses can set up an ad campaign & pick creators to do the advertising.

Creator application

The creators can accept campaigns, post messages on social media accounts, and receive well-earned pay.

CTO as a service

We helped Wowzi with fast-go-to-market and, after the successful launch, helped them bring on their in-house team. But our fun collaboration didn't stop there — we continued providing CTO as a service to ensure they were always on the cutting edge. We helped them validate their CTO as they grew, making sure they were set up for success.

Where is Wowzi today?

Boom - Wowzi's platform now boasts over 84 000 creators, more than 180 000 gigs have been completed and they have onboarded more than 150 clients and a team of over 40 people. 

Are you feeling inspired yet? 

Reach out to us if you want to learn more about how we helped Wowzi create the ultimate creators' marketplace. We've got the inside scoop and we're happy to share. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, check out Wowzi's platform for yourself - we promise it won't disappoint.

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