Pride in London

Mobi Lab's 2019 pro bono project


We believe in goodness. Every member of our team has their own way to show that – some donate to charities, some volunteer, some have given a loving home to homeless animals. Doing something nice without expecting anything in return is inspiring. The need for this satisfying feeling of selfless fulfilment got us wondering what else could we do to impact the world we all live in. The answer was easy. By doing what we do best. Deliver an application.






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Giving back to the community

In the last few years, we have done some projects pro bono. In 2018, we worked with the local community-based radio in Estonia to deliver a digital experience to their listeners. This year, we decided to take it to a bigger scale and help Pride in London with a new version of their mobile application.

Pride in London

In 2015, Pride in London was the largest Pride event ever held in London and the 7th largest in the world. It is one of the longest-running pride events in the UK, and it attracts about one million visitors every year. The event happens thanks to the year-round volunteering of 150 people.

In addition to our philanthropic characteristics, we had other reasons we decided to take the challenge.

Applications with an impact

In 2006 when we worked with Skype, we made free voice calls available on mobile, which was already a game changer on computers at the time. Millions of people now have access to free calling networks and their connection to their family and friends has improved. Considering that over a million people participated in the Pride in London last year, the impact of all our people involved in the project is, similarly to Skype, significant.

Design for people

Mobi Lab's mission is to make technology simple for people. And the festival experience is undoubtedly a design challenge where our team can show their skills. The application has many purposes. It helps people to navigate at the event – so it is definitely an important assistant during the Pride, but it is also  very useful before the event, as it allows to plan and discover the parade ahead.


We used React Native technology to deliver the experience. Making cross-platform applications is a growing part of our business. More and more Flutter and React Native applications are in the pipeline. The Pride in London application was one of the better examples, where a cross-platform approach made sense and was a good fit for the problem at hand.

Teams without borders

Once again we proved to ourselves that delivering an application has no borders and teams from the UK and Estonia were working together to launch it on time. It has been a pleasure to work with the people from Pride in London and we appreciate their professionalism and goal-oriented work, which made the communication and collaboration really enjoyable.

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