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IDA Radio is a community online radio from Tallinn, Estonia. Over the past few years, Mobi Lab has worked with five different media companies and delivered about 20 radio applications. They are live from Estonia to Mexico. There are music radios with talk shows, hits radios and classical music radios. But there is something that makes IDA Radio special.






User Research, Product Design, iOS development, Android development

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  • ReactNative development

About IDA

IDA Radio is probably the most local one – a container house in the middle of the creative part of Tallinn, broadcasting its shows online all over the world. The topics of the broadcasts vary from environment to literature, from jazz to grime.  Since a broad spectrum of themes and styles are represented, it means that there is something for every listener. The same goes for presenters. Some of them are known for all the Estonians who occasionally go out and enjoy themselves with good music. And some are never seen before. Needless to say, it is a pleasant combination for the listener.


When we were asked to bring the radio to mobile, we were tempted, because we knew that this is the radio we are listening to ourselves. So it was completely a win-win situation for us. If you have an opportunity to make your favourite radio more easily accessible for yourself and other listeners, you do it with a smile on your face.


The user experience for radio is designed as single action application. People are usually relatively loyal to their favourite channels and tend to prefer a specific style of music, quality, and talk shows, therefore - opening an app triggers the radio to play immediately. This is accompanied by functions to see the schedule and browse on-demand podcasts. In IDA Radio we decided to be most minimalistic of all. Let the beautiful brand design speak for itself and focus on live radio feed.

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