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It takes about four weeks to turn an action into a daily habit. Together with Telia Eesti, a transformative campaign was born. Our goal was to educate and motivate people to take the first steps towards habitual activities and healthier lifestyle.






User Research, Product Design, iOS development, Android development

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Our role

  • User research
  • Concept design
  • UX/UI design

The concept of the Heroes

We received a constant flood of steps data. That gave us a unique opportunity to assemble our main page by using the collected input. The idea was not only to visualise the graphs but to make some of our users shine as Heroes of the campaign.

Steps to data

There is a well known motivational tactic called "carrot and stick". We prefer carrots over sticks. And free data over carrots. Telia granted 50MB of mobile data per day for users who had pushed themselves for 10,000 steps. That meant, for a moderately active person, free music streaming for an hour.

Tracking your favourite athlete

Another method to keep yourself motivated is to create your very own peer group. During the campaign, Telia was concentrating on a triathlon event called Ironman Otepää 70.3. Users were able to follow a curated group of athletes, influencers and celebrities and track their training and dietary progress towards the race.

Challenges & races live stream

On the race day, we made sure you could support your favourite athlete and track their performance in real time.


During your evolution, one thing is to be driven by short-lived emotions. Another is to have a strategy on what to implement. We emphasised teaching values of healthy nutrition, adequate gear and proper training techniques. Hence we believe knowledge is the highest pillar for success.

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