television on the go

ERR TV app views


Our mission was to create three different TV apps for Estonian Public Broadcasting TV stations. The previous version of ERR app for mobile devices gathered all radio stations and TV channels. The challenge was to separate them to make it more comfortable for the specific audiences. Primary goal of this application is to provide the audience an all time access to Estonian Public Broadcasting tv shows and news. Taking into consideration the busy life of today’s population we ensured that playback for shows was available.

ERR wireframes


Analytics + Information architecture + Wireframes

The overall TV experience is polished with autoplaying live tv and access to the schedule from the same view. By removing any kind of global navigation we can truly say that all important information is quickly accessible.

ui & ux

Designing a clever UI is often more than just picking beautiful typography and colors. That’s why we make sure the different components can breath through sizing them carefully, applying the right contrast and using subtle animations to help along the way. ERR TV channels are known for their good quality content. They broadcast live sports events like Olympics or football leagues, concerts, documentaries, debates and international cinema among other things. Choosing what you want to watch couldn’t be any easier.

ERR TV Mobilab


The design is stripped-back and simple, with a single purpose. We want the users to feel a breeze when using the app. The app navigation is so easy that we actually decided to remove the navigation menu. And we are very proud of that. Why complicate things?