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Our mission was to create three different TV apps for Estonian Public Broadcasting TV stations. The previous version of the ERR app for mobile devices offered all the radio stations and TV channels. The challenge was to separate them to make it more comfortable for specific audiences.






User Research, Product Design, iOS development, Android development

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Our role

Make your content shine

The primary goal of these applications is to provide the audience with constant access to Estonian Public Broadcasting TV shows and news sources, each channel having its own app. That’s why we made content the star player of these apps.

Information architecture and wireframes

The overall TV experience has auto-playing live TV and access to the schedule in the same view. By removing any global navigation, we can genuinely say that all relevant information is quickly accessible.

Easy navigation

The design is streamlined and straightforward, with only one purpose. We wanted using the app to be a breeze. Navigation is so easy that we decided to remove the navigation menu. And we are very proud of this. Why complicate things?

Subtle animations

The live program and schedule list automatically scrolls to the current show for the fastest access to what you want.

The video controls fade in and out for a better viewing experience.

Color-coding the UI

3 applications, 3 colour schemes. Our challenge was to make it easy for the user to identify all three of ERR's channels. To do this, we opted to associate each of them with a different colour scheme. The same colour combinations are used on their web and other media outlets.

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