modern banking

Pocopay mockups


Traditional banking in today’s networking society feels outdated. For instance, transactions take ages to complete, so we set ourselves a goal to revolutionize everyday banking by redesigning the whole user experience.  Pocopay is a mobile first fintech application that achieved the goal.

Pocopay wireframes

concept & proto

We felt that money resembles kind of a liquid substance that flows through our every day. That in mind, we designed the whole application concept around that idea.

it’s not another boring bank!

Our philosophy is: “Making payments is as easy as flicking your fingers.” Just connect your friend to your account bubble and it’s done! Additionally, we custom colour coded different parts of the application to enhance user’s navigation.

Pocopay design


Fully custom UI meant that we had to take the whole app apart and put it back together using our own set of rules. That made the MVP development straight-forward and also gave a set of design tools to be used in later phase of product lifecycle.