Contactless self-checkout for retail


We overhauled the mobile app self-checkout process and redesigned the self-checkout machine interface into one seamless and contactless experience.






User Research, Product Design, iOS development, Android development

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Maxima is the trailblazer for retail innovation and the Baltic states' largest retail chain and employer. They wanted to transform their customers' in-store shopping journey into a short, effortless and delightful experience by upgrading their mobile app and self-service checkout into a touchless, easy-to-use user experience.

142.2% faster checkout

The redesigned version of Maxima's mobile app allows customers to shorten their shopping journey. On average, the checkout went from 42.3 seconds to 29.7 seconds and from 7 to 4 steps.

Maxima's mobile app includes all the needed assets for the shopping experience. Users can connect their bank card, client card and even gift card with the application and pay through the app.

Users will receive digital receipts stored in the mobile application and give a good overview of the spending.

Touchless and germless self-service checkout

Paying for your groceries has never been so easy - scan the QR code from a self-service checkout kiosk, confirm from your mobile app and pay without touching the shared screen.

We redesigned the UI and UX for the self-checkout kiosk so that the new payment experience for the user went from 4 touches on the shared screen to 0.

The Golden Egg Award

In 2022, Maxima's contactless checkout received a Silver Egg Award in the UX/UI design category. The Golden Egg awards is the oldest and most prestigious advertising competition in Estonia.

Photo by Laura Oks

Customer Experience of the Year

In 2023, Maxima's contactless checkout app won the Customer Experience of the Year award at Switzerland's Smart Data Capture Innovation Leadership Conference. Scandit is a leading solutions provider in barcode scanning and automated identification. The Maxima application uses their solution, which makes scanning products very convenient and fast.

Reach out if you are interested in understanding the amount of user experience research, design, and development done to deliver a successful digital experience in contactless self-checkout.

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