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The first cashback credit card in Estonia


IN Pay is a new credit card product from Inbank. The mobile app is the sole touchpoint for clients using this digital financial service. It hence aimed to be effortless for everyday use and convenience. Crucially, the digital product provides users with financial offerings such as partner deals and a central cashback reward program.






User Research, Product Design, iOS development, Android development

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IN Pay app is a new product from Inbank, envisioned as an effortless payments app that provides the best benefits on the market through a series of cashbacks, offers and deals.

Users can register for a physical or virtual card from the app and within minutes are able to make purchases on credit. These payments provide cashback rewards and provide further services according to the subscription level of the client.

Optimizing the sign-up flow

New users are required to go through a standard KYC process. In the scope of this, Mobi Lab’s design team created empathy maps to find all the high and low points and ensure a good degree of user motivation throughout all the questions present in the onboarding flow - whilst always providing a sense of ease and trustworthy feeling to its users.

Approved users are provided with the main value propositions of the app - an appealing cashback and perks system where they can witness their cashback gains grow from their very own dashboard.

A mobile only experience

After going through a super quick sign up flow the users are provided with a credit offer and a virtual credit card that they can use to start shopping online right away.

The app’s mobile only experience means the users have full control of their account and credit card straight from the app.

Cashback and perks

The app’s main value propositions is an appealing cashback and perks system where they can witness their cashback gains grow from their very own dashboard.

The perks and deals system provides a wide range of offers such as discounts, travel insurance coverage, airport lounges and purchase protection.

A novel credit card product

Users in Estonia are not as accustomed to credit cards, further motivating the app’s need for a user experience that focuses on a straightforward repayment feature and does not discourage users from using the card.

Users are given choices of prefilled sums featuring the total balance used and the minimum repayment needed in order to make the repayment process more accessible and transparent. Users may also receive reminders via notifications when the repayment date approaches to avoid any surprises from late fees.

Fresh UI from the ground up

Launching a completely new product provides an opportunity to find a visual style that would stand out. Together with Inbank’s team, we were able to create an original, fresh color system. We wanted to downplay the cold technical aspect of a digital-only product and instead focus on a more personal touch. This was done by introducing warm paperlike colors and a tactile feel with shadows, layers and animated interactions.

As a result we provided the client with a comprehensive design system that is flexible and easily scalable as the application evolves.

In order to introduce the physical world into the app, we decided on using photography rather than illustration, providing the photo studio with a creative brief encompassing warm lights, shadows and the golden hour feeling.

Photography by Kertin Vasser

Secure and trustworthy mobile application

A high standard of security is paramount for any application, particularly for banking. User login is secured through biometric mechanisms, including Face-ID or Touch-ID.

Cards can be connected to Apple Pay or Google Pay, giving users the ability to store their cards safely whilst making payments conveniently through NFC technology.

Reach out if you are interested in understanding in more depth the amount of user experience research, design and front-end development done in order to deliver a successful digital experience and credit card application.

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