Digital showroom

Boost customer’s purchasing confidence in your online store

Shopping confidence

Every couple who have settled on the exciting journey to weave their very first love nest, have faced the horrible downturn making the final decision. Sometimes your beloved spouse's vision of the size of the cabinet might sound too small for you.

The dispute how big should it be, ends here!

We provide a technology that empowers all customers to get a real sense of the scale, size, and details of the products.

Digital cross-platform showroom

It doesn't matter whether you like Google or Apple; what matters is that with our cross-platform AR widget, you can turn every environment into a digital showroom and give shoppers access to physical product experiences.

Less expences for you and more convenience for your customers.

Convenient enough, that our lovely couple can truly walk inside the digital cabinet at home and hopefully solve the sizing issue on the spot.

Convenient setup

To get your AR experience up and running you don’t need to jump through flaming hoops and do somersaults. Just follow these two short steps.


Drag & drop the 3D model of your product into our self-service tool.


Copy-paste the automatically generated AR widget code into your web-store or to your product landing page.

Or let us tailor-fit the service for your business. We will take care of the technical integration, create 3D models of your products, and assure the AR experience fits perfectly into your customer purchase flow.

Oh, and did I mention that your customers don’t have to download any applications!

Bring your products to life

Sometimes it is hard for the customer to imagine if the desired sauna will look nice between two aged oak trees on their estate. Whether it is backyard, bog, or the Moon, our AR widget provides an opportunity to test real size product inside the intended habitat.

One tap on the "Experience in reality" button and your customers don't have to rely on their poor imagination anymore. You can guarantee to your clients, their sauna will look good next to the oaks, and they can assure you they have one more reason to make a spontaneous purchase decision.

Built-in analytics

Today, customers expect companies to understand them. Therefore, we can measure their behavior and later serve the “dish” for them on the silver plate.

We can tell which product fits best to the customer preferences, how much time do they spend viewing the virtual product, and we can tell even the patterns of similar products your customers engage with the most.


Enough being all mouth. It’s time to make your hands dirty and try out the demo.

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