CDO as a service

Having a Chief Design Officer (CDO) on your team greatly benefits design and user experience. However, when you cannot immediately recruit one or have other business priorities, our CDO as a Service can offer your organisation the necessary expertise to create and improve your design strategy.

Value offered

Minimise any design risks from future growth and product scope planning.

Learn and facilitate design processes from professionals in the user experience field.

Scale up quickly and don’t get stuck in a long and expensive hiring process.

Get advice and assistance in design system creation for digital products.

Who is the service for?

Early-phase start-ups with some seed funding available for product development.

In-house spin-off ideas that are out of the primary focus and require out-of-box approaches.

In-house products with the goal of innovating and bringing new revenue streams to mature SME-s or larger companies.

Do you need a proper technical foundation for your startup or new product?
Read here how CTO as a Service can help you scale up quickly without the hiring process.

What is included in this service?


Design audit and quality process set-up, tools selection.


Validation and usability testing of your prototype or existing digital product.


Validating and procuring remote outsource partners.


Technology stack planning and validation.


Preparation and validation of in-house hiring.


The service can be concluded by hiring an in-house CDO.

Our clients


Our team

When hiring a CDO, companies look for skills from very different disciplines. Designing the first MVP requires a different skill set than scaling up the design team. That’s why we have a team for it!

Elmo Soomets

  • Bachelor of Media and Advertisement Design
  • 11 years of experience with leading design teams and desiging for digital products

Elmo has collaborated with various companies, including Maxima, SK ID Solutions, and Apollo, delivering essential business analysis, workshops and mobile application UX/UI design. With a background in digital product design, he has also served as a mentor, business analyst, project manager and product manager. Elmo is known for his expertise in building comprehensive design systems.

Why is Elmo here?
Elmo is skilled in efficiently implementing design systems for digital products without any complications. You can trust his expertise in developing and managing a backlog, as well as his creativity in thinking outside the box.

Veiko Raime

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship & Technology Management
  • 20 years of professional experience in technology companies

Veiko is a combination of an entrepreneur, investor, and executive manager. His professional career started as a software developer building POS systems for the Linux platform. He has worked as an accountant in a brewery and studied design thinking in the University of Arts, London.

One of Veiko’s strengths lies in his corporate experience. Working as a project manager at Skype, he had to work with multiple external partners and in-house shareholders to execute development and go to live processes for a number of applications.

Why is Veiko on the team?
He understands best what investors want. He knows when you need to hire versus outsource, or when it makes sense to invest in technology versus sales.

Marie Zirk

  • Master of Arts (Painting)
  • 12 years of experience in digital product design

Marie has a solid academic background, having an MA in Painting and a BA in Law at the University of Tartu and has been working for the University of Tartu as well. After joining Mobi Lab, she has worked with business analysis, design workshops, UX/UI design and consulting our clients’ design teams, from how to build a brand from zero to scale for digital products to training their design teams.

Marie excels in utilising new design tools and implementing design systems into digital products. She offers mentorship to both internal and external junior designers, assists clients in validating their design decisions and provides coaching to clients' designers who require more profound knowledge in designing for mobile.

What does Marie bring to the team?
She stays up-to-date with the latest Figma updates and has a strong grasp of usability testing.

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