Experience in reality for online stores

Help your online store customers make the right decisions

Increase customer confidence in the product before buying

We help customers to get a better understanding of the actual dimensions of the product, its colour, and fit in the room without leaving their home.

Complete more started purchases in online shopping

We support the customer throughout the purchase, especially at the moment when it is necessary to make a final decision and confirm the order.

Reduce returns on products purchased from the online store

We give the customer the opportunity before buying to make sure that the product is suitable for his home or office.

Increase sales in your local stores as well

We allow the customer to get acquainted with different products and configurations in your physical stores, even if they are not available on site.

Simple onboarding

Use existing 3D models or let us create them for you

You already have models? Kudos, we’ll upload them. Don’t have 3D models? We'll make it happen. Just send us the dimensions of your product alongside with photos and let us do the magic.

High-quality 3D modeling prices start from 200 EUR.

Free installation of the “Experience in reality” button on your website

We will find the optimal place on your website, where to incorporate the button, that starts the augmented reality experience for your client.

Technical support with 3D models hosting from 300 EUR per month

We guarantee the availability of the service and do not add additional load to your website.

See it yourself by trying out sample products

Press one of the big blue buttons below.

Or open this website on your mobile phone (lab.mobi/ar).

Arrange this product in your backyard

Test the true size of  this product

Fit this product in your interior

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