mobile workforce tool

Utility AR solution

utilities infrastructure visualization

Smart cities are growing and maintaining city’s infrastructure requires innovative solutions to improve the efficiency. Visualizing the infrastructure through new technologies helps field workers to simplify their everyday work while reducing costs. Utilicity offers utility companies the possibility of visualizing live data anytime, making life much easier.


data access from the field & navigation

Utilicity application, which field workers love to use, will boost the productivity of the teams. They have all the fresh data accessible anytime anywhere, with the additional possibility of using AR technology to visualize the status of the infrastructure.

  •  • No paperwork anymore.
  •  • Efficient navigation and collaboration within the team.
  •  • Awareness of essential updates.
Utility mobility tool

mobile task management

Using the application task manager helps to improve the planning of resources: all the assignments are easy to access, saving time on communication – the information is delivered to the team in real time.

  •  • Less manual work.
  •  • Less resources.
  •  • More efficiency.
Utility worker

reporting and updating data

The utility’s infrastructure information is updated from the field. The office staff has access to the most recent updates right away. A convenient reporting tool increases quality of GIS data.