World Engine

the future of museum experiences


World Engine makes museums stand out in the competitive world of leisure activities. The augmented reality technology allows to create engaging educational experiences with limited time and investment. Mobi Lab and our partner museums are on the mission to bring more people to expositions, educate themselves and have the time of their lives.

engagement & learning

The first-hand experience is one of the most powerful ways to learn. Augmented reality will allow you to experience just about anything you can imagine. Empower empathy by enabling visitors to see animals alive in their natural habitat. Or bring history to life in the room they are.


a museum without walls

Create experiences that transcend physical space and distances. Your museum might have limited space, but your exhibition doesn’t have to.

cost & time efficiency

Updating your permanent exhibitions has never been more swift. The platform is meant to be a self-service tool for exhibition planners. Your curators can create or edit augmented reality content through its World Engine editor. No specialized people or training needed.

know your audience

Measure engagement with analytics on audience demographics, visiting patterns, behaviors, trends and accessibility.

onboarding process

  1. At first, take a photo of the exhibition you want to use as a marker and upload it to the World Engine editor.
  2. Secondly, upload the 3D object you want the users to see when the particular marker is visible. You can also adjust 3D object size and position relative to the marker.
  3. And finally, once created augmented reality element is published it becomes automatically available on World Engine mobile app for users to discover.

how we do it

World Engine uses the power of augmented reality to bring interactive exhibitions to any museum. Using a phone as an augmented reality viewfinder, it allows users to experience display items with lifelike 3D renderings. You can add and edit augmented reality content easily through its World Engine editor and let people learn more through their camera lens. The creative possibilities are virtually endless.