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CollectNet phone


A revolution in the parcel delivery industry. CollectNet and Mobi Lab teamed up to offer the best user experience and make deliveries easy and accessible for everyone.

Coffee Jane

meet Jane

Jane is a young lady from Viljandi. She lives together with her family: boyfriend Markus, little son Martin and a kitten. Despite being busy on her daily job, she still finds the time to run a knitting business thanks to CollectNet.

Jane starts her day and leaves the house.

Door and parcel delivery

delivering packages to the door

Jane likes to deliver her handicraft straight to her client’s door, even when they are not at home.

By using CollectNet cloud-based smart mailbox, she can open her client’s mailbox with the application and leave the order.

Another notification

code as a key

Jane is going on a long-awaited vacation with her boyfriend in the weekend. Her parents will come from Tartu to look after Martin and the kitten.

Jane deposits her spare keys at the most convenient PackRobot. Her parents can collect the keys with the package opening code.

Scan QR code

scan and collect

Jane has ordered some yarn online and she would like to collect them from the store’s smart mailbox.

By using the locker scanner on the application she can scan the QR code on the mailbox and collect her purchases without standing in the shopping line.

CollectNet notifications


Jane receives a push notification that her parents have collected the keys. It’s a big relief for her and she can keep her focus on her work.

CollectNet history view

delivery history

Day’s been busy as usual. After finishing work Jane finally reaches home. She checks the history in the application to make sure all her clients have received the deliveries as planned. Finally, it’s time to relax with family.