communication platform for enterprise workforce

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Qnnect is a platform for improving internal communication within companies, encouraging employees to learn and giving them an opportunity to exchange important information.

We designed and developed the Android, iOS and Web applications for Qnnect.

Notifications and posts

the news

The news feature helps keep employees updated with the latest happenings. Managers will also have an overview of who has read the news posts.

In addition we implemented features such as scheduling news and creating emergency alerts.


Communicate instantly and increase productivity between co-workers by using the chat feature.

Account and learn


Quizzes are a good way to learn new things in a playful manner.Create one or multiple choice quizzes. Include images, videos or pdf files to a quiz.Encourage learning in your company by making it a playful experience. 


Users can swiftly find their colleagues contact info and have a good overview of important content related to their company.


Managers can adjust the application design according to the company’s visual identity. They also have access to other features, such as setting up a welcome email for new users, creating quizzes, emergency alerts, news posts, and much more.

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