software development

We craft applications for Android and iOS mobile platforms as well as Unity based applications for virtual and augmented environments.

We’ve designed the software development process from experience with hockey-stick growth start-ups as well as established large enterprises.

Final product release
Estimating the process

estimations and planning for business decisions

We’d like our clients to make business choices based on best possible information. That’s why we do our best to figure out the budget as early as possible.

We present:
  • initial guesstimations or estimations
  • high-level go-to-market plan
Analytics in software

analysing and building architecture on paper for scalability, maintainability, quality

We’re making sure that system will be done the right way: all the components work together, it will be maintainable and the system is scaling up with the product’s success.

We present:
  • system’s design and architecture

writing the code, develop the product and make it alive

Magic happens here and design becomes alive. And we do it agile – because we’re keen to show what we’ve done, get the feedback and continue to make it better.

We present:
  • sprint demos of the application
Quality assurance

high quality of the product means good experience

Every software has bugs and we’re honest about it! Our job is to manage risks, find important issues and fix them before they go to live.

We present:
  • tested products and records about the process

we take it to the users and publish

Signing the builds, publish the binaries, upload images… never mind, we’ll just take take care of it.

We present:
  • live product discoverable by users
Software analytics

measuring the results, making the product better

We look at the analytics, get the test group to our lab and if needed, we go back to a drawing board.

Check our design process and how we make the assumptions.

We present:
  • engagement data
  • quality reports and any other KPIs
Software maintenance

Product maintenance to keep it alive, interesting and engaging

We are here to help even when the product has shipped. Improvements must be done? Need help educating the staff? Bug still slips in? Our part in a relationship is to take care of that.

We’ve been in business from 2001 and we’ll be there to support you for years.



Mobi Lab is a Google Developers Certified Agency