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Add value to marketing materials by displaying digital content alongside them in augmented reality

How to make AR work for you?

AR experience can be started in a freely chosen location

By scanning QR codes with a smartphone camera, customers can see 3D content in a real environment

AR experience can be linked to website

After seeing 3D content, the customers are directed to your marketing campaign website

AR experiences can be shared with others

Using a smartphone camera, customers can take photos with 3D content and share them with others

How to use augmented reality to make marketing more meaningful?

Product demo at EXPO

Help your customers better understand large-scale products that are expensive and complex to bring to trade shows by presenting digital 3D replicas of these products in a real-world environment.

Printed materials

Add a layer of exciting 3D experience to your prints, easily triggered by a QR code.

Try out the RMK campaign


Enrich your flyers and stickers with 3D content to drive more customers to the campaign page.

Try out the Visit Estonia campaign
What do we offer?

End-to-end AR solutions, leveraging our efficient AR-Widget technology for a seamless experience

Creative concepts & UX/UI Design for AR experiences

3D modelling and optimisation for AR concepts

Our work

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