passionate about fitness

Myfitness app

the challenge

Myfitness, the biggest group of gyms and sports centers in Estonia, has a clear goal – promoting well being and a healthy lifestyle.  They addressed us with defined needs and visions about how to improve their client’s user experience. Our task was to redesign the digital strategy of MyFitness. By focusing on clean UI and easy to reach information we created an app that does not only help you reach your goals but also eases the pain of booking classes and getting updates.

Myfitness start

the strategy

The main aim was to design an app that fits to the standards of today’s needs. So without sacrificing any functionality users can book a class, check the schedule, contact instructors and get notifications on the go. One of the key steps in creating an exceptional user experience is to map out user journeys and wireframes. For intuitive interface we used native interactions and layout.


Registering as a member of Myfitness is quickly done at any of the clubs. Managers provide exceptional care and design personalized plans for each client’s needs. In order to attract new customers, the app can be explored without any log in.

Myfitness menu


By designing the navigation of the app native we can ensure that everyone can easily handle the application.

Myfitnes calendar

date selection

There are hundreds of different ways to handle calendars and date scrollers. We believe to have found the optimal one for picking the desired date, panning between yesterday, today, tomorrow and handling the date’s limits.


The customers no longer have to log into the website to know the availability of the classes. Booking a class means also lot of different states inside the app, all of which are color coded for better UX.