come with us to London!

Learn, Experience & Travel

Notes and internship

internship opportunity of a lifetime for the designers:

It’s 2018 and we will do it again. If you believe you have the passion for user experience design and would like to get some great knowledge in the field, we’re looking for someone to bring along to London.

what you get:

  • • A trip to London and short-course in the University of Arts London.
  • • 6-8 weeks of internship in Mobi Lab UX design team in Estonia.
  • • Collaboration with other designers in a cross-discipline team
  • • Regular feedback on how you can improve
  • • Paid to cover some for your summer costs.
  • • Experience of a lifetime.

once you’re done, you are free to do as you like:

  • • Perhaps you want to go to a design school to improve some more.
  • • Travel around the world and conduct the UX research of beaches and youth hostels.
  • • Maybe you want to start your own company, get rich and famous
  • • Or you could apply for a permanent position to work with our awesome UX team at Mobi Lab!

what do people say about this?

Laura (UX intern in 2017): It’s not easy to get approved for internship as there are so many candidates but it was worth the effort – I had incredible time and learned a lot.

Yulia (intern in 2017): It was certainly an adventure! I wrote a blog post about it!

why we do it?

We believe that every person joining Mobi Lab is bringing something new. They will just not learn from us but also give us opportunity to change, learn and become better. Read more about us

ready for the adventure?

Apply by writing a short letter about why it would be a good idea to take you to London with us and send it before 23rd of March: