Digital showroom wizard

Let me give you a quick overview of how the "Experience in reality" widget works.

3D model loading

Press the “Experience in reality” button and wait until the 3D model is loaded in the background.

Scan & place

When you see the semi-transparent model appearing on your screen, you need to scan your surrounding. Just move your phone around.

Relocate the model

You can move the 3D object to another location by tapping and holding the 3D object and moving it on the screen. To move it vertically tap and hold the 3D object with two fingers.

Rotate & scale

You can rotate the model to your preferred angle by using your two fingers.

AR & object modes

You can explore the model in two ways. AR mode lets you place the model, for example, in your living room. And if you don't dare to experience it in reality, the Object mode enables you to explore the model with a grey background.

Does my device support AR?

You can find the list of supported devices here: