psychology of design

psychology of design
Hegle Sarapuu

influencing technics

Two weeks have passed from the event and we still receive feedback from the audience about how interesting the topic was. Even though one would imagine that after working in a UX design agency, one would know the basics of influencing technics in design, but Hegle proved us wrong. Simple, real life examples made it easy to understand for beginners and her knowledge of details definitely offered knowledge to experts as well.

Thank you very much to Hegle Sarapuu, CXO and partner of Trinidad Wiseman for visiting Mobi Lab.

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ethical dilemmas in design

Can we say no to a client just because we don’t feel comfortable with the business model? Alari and Kristjan gave us number of nice examples from their own companies where ethical dilemmas influence their decisions as business owners and also as designers.

Alari Orav is a Creative Partner at AKU
Kristian Lember is a partner at DUX

Kristiine Naska

imposter syndrome

There are at least five types of imposter syndromes and when Kristiine gave the talk we all started to wonder if we belong to one or more groups :). Deep down I feel like a fraud and the talk made me understand why. To which group do you belong to?

The Perfectionist
The Superwoman/man
The Natural Genius
The Rugged Individualist
The Expert

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Design Friday discussion panel

panel discussion

When you have too many beers you start giving promises. Once 3 founders of 3 design companies sat down at the bar and gave the promise to meet in Tartu, discuss partnership and hold an event in a local community. This lead to one of the most awesome design meet-ups with panel discussion about psychology in design: influencing technics, designer ethics, and about the impostor syndrome. Questions from the audience drove the discussion also to design value and pricing. So it ended up to be also useful for any professional considering freelancing or starting their own business.

Panelists were:

​Hegle Sarapuu (CXO and partner at Trinidad Wiseman)
Alari Orav (Creative Partner at AKU)
Kristian Lember (UX designer and partner at DUX)
Veiko Raime (Head Chef at Mobi Lab)

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